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  • Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State LLC

    The Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State, LLC, was informally founded in 2006 by the Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association (NorMet) and the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council (NSHC), NorMet’s sister association. In 2012, these two organizations officially formed the Suburban Alliance. NSHC represents hospitals on Long Island. The Suburban Alliance ensures that the specific concerns of suburban hospitals from the Hudson Valley region and from the Long Island region are heard in Albany and Washington. Kevin Dahill is president of the Suburban Alliance.

    Suburban Hospitals Join Advocacy Forces

    2012 SHANYS Legislative Priorities
    SHANYS Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Care Act
    Suburban Hospital Alliance activities from previous years

    Health Insurers Rip Off Businesses, Hospitals, Docs & Patients in New York State: An Unlevel Playing Field

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    Review this presentation to see what third party sources ~ sometimes the health insurance industry itself ~ have to say about profitability and rising premiums. Stay tuned to this website for more information in March 2010 about steps you can take to help hold insurance companies accountable.